Design Process

All Soul Havens’ designs are inspired by our client’s lifestyle needs. Each aspect of your landscape transformation is determined by considering these needs balanced with functionality whilst maintaining an alignment to the existing surrounds. Andrew combines his horticultural knowledge and design expertise to produce innovative outdoor designs that reflect a ‘sense of place’; regardless of whether he is designing for a small residential or large commercial property.

Designs can range from a simple concept plan to a comprehensive set of master plans that detail all elements to be installed on the site

There are a number of important steps to the design process:

  • The starting point is the Initial Consultation where Soul Havens will come to your site, understand your requirements and tastes, and share ideas on how to assist you.
  • Soul Havens will provide you with a Proposal describing the design brief, a set of deliverable outcomes and the quotation. This document will form the basis of the works to be agreed by both parties.
  • After acceptance of the proposal, Soul Havens commences the design phase by performing a Site Analysis. The intention is to understand the site’s characteristics, ambience and its relation to the neighbouring environment. It is preferable if a site survey and building plans can be provided by the client at this stage to facilitate more accurate site measurements.
  • A Concept Plan is then developed, which will outline the layout of all features, including garden beds, hard surfaces, access ways and entertaining areas. This plan will be reviewed with the client and modified accordingly.
  • In the event that further plans are required, they will be developed following approval of the concept plan. These Master Plans can include planting plans, technical specification of features, section-elevations, lighting plans or irrigation plans.